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What Is Minimal Inhaled Sedation?

Minimal inhaled sedation is also called nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” sedation. This method of sedation uses a nose mask and a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to make you feel more calm and comfortable during your appointment. No pills or needles are required, and it has minimal side effects, so you can get back to your day-to-day routine immediately after treatment.

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Up to 20% of Americans report suffering from dental anxiety.

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The Minimal Inhaled Sedation Process

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Health screening

First, you’ll need a quick health screening to discuss your health, medications you’re taking, and your history of health issues to ensure you’re a good candidate for minimal inhaled sedation.

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Breathe nitrous oxide through a nose mask

Right before your dental treatment starts, Dr. Mark Evans will put a nose mask over your nose, and you’ll breathe in through your nose whenever you’re directed to do so during your treatment.

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Get your dental treatment

As soon as you inhale the gas, you’ll feel more relaxed, calm, and comfortable, and Dr. Evans will begin your dental treatment.

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Remove nose mask & flush lungs

Once your procedure is over, oxygen will be pumped through the nose mask for a few minutes, and you’ll breathe it in to flush away the nitrous oxide from your lungs.

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